My name is Natalie Whipple, and I’m a freelance editor who believes in providing her clients with a professional and personal editorial experience. My goal is to revise your work so that it better reflects your vision, clarifies your story or topic, and makes your prose stand out.

As a published author myself, I understand the editor/author relationship from both sides. I have worked with editors across traditional, indie, and contract publishing, so I understand deadlines and expectations in the industry.

Having earned a B.A. in English Language, with a minor in editing, from Brigham Young University, I started my publishing career with a strong toolset and only grew it from there.

I took the traditional publishing route first, learning to edit better in the publishing trenches. I found crit partners, went to several writing conferences a year, and honed my editing skills both in my own work and for my crit partners. Once I had book contracts, I learned even more from my editors about book structure. Then it was my turn to teach at writing conferences, and that further helped me learn how to convey writing principles to others.

Not only do I have knowledge and experience inside the publishing industry, but I am well-versed in a variety of topics. From gaming to gardening, my pursuit of a variety of skillsets gives me the experience needed to edit a variety of genres in both fiction and non-fiction.

When I’m not editing, I’m a busy mom of four who likes to take on far more projects that she has time for. I run Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, sew quilts, bake bread, play video games, and tend to my chickens. I love learning new things, and I’m not afraid to dive in and figure stuff out for myself.

I look forward to working with you!